Soul Connections With Kasia

Mediumship and Psychic Readings

£70 per hour

With the wisdom of a sage and the gentleness of a friend I tap into energies and interpret symbols to provide insights that empower my clients. Whether it’s shedding light on a crossroads in life, easing the burden of uncertainty, or helping to release emotional blockages, readings offer not just foresight, but also the nurturing balm of clarity.

Mediumship for me, is a bridge that links hearts across dimensions. Through readings, I open the channels of communication with departed loved ones, offering messages of love, closure, and affirmation. Each reading is a deeply personal experience, often leaving clients with a sense of comfort and the knowledge that the bonds of love transcend even death.

What truly sets me apart is my holistic approach to the spiritual journey. As therapeutic psychic and medium, readings are not just glimpses into the unknown; they’re holistic experiences that promote healing on multiple levels. My soothing presence and empathetic nature create a safe haven for emotional release and transformation, allowing clients to navigate life’s challenges with renewed strength and hope.

 My energy and genuine care infuse each interaction with a sense of purpose and positivity and are a doorway to self-discovery and healing, guided by a soul who truly understands the intricacies of the human experience.